"I dwell in possiblity…"
-Emily Dickinson

I Did It May Way

Over the course of this last year some of you had been aware that I was receiving treatments for Stage 3 Lung Cancer.  I felt this was a very private and personal matter and therefore I didn’t want to put out information without all the facts present. From the outset the prognosis was very positive […]

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The Fabulous Invalid

Our culture, as it exists today, continues to advance at break-neck speed in an attention-grabbing, media-mad frenzy that consumes us. However, I don’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing for us as a society. Nor, does it mean we are progressing or moving forward. It does continue to change and morph and in specific instances, […]

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Remake Redux

The summer movie season is now behind us. It is considered by many industry analysts to be the second-best earning season since 2013, but that is largely due to Disney’s two top grossing domestic hits, Finding Dory and Captain America: Civil War, which also happen to be sequels. On the downside, Hollywood failed to capture […]

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Glory Days

It’s a very curious phenomenon. When we get to a certain age or point in our lives, I find there is the tendency for so many to reflect and think about those pivotal, life-changing moments that occurred. For me it could have been in 1978 or 1984 or 1994. Each one of those years holds […]

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Growing Pains

Stepping outside the limitations of our comfort zone is not as easy as they might appear. On the surface it looks awfully attractive and inviting. I mean, who wouldn’t want to trade off what we’re doing for something more stimulating that gets our creative juices flowing, and has the potential for a bigger payday. Of […]

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Finding Your Niche

Niche has become one of those popular “buzz” words people tend to use and over-use nowadays. It’s so expected when they do. For our purposes, though, niche commonly has two meanings. It can to a specialized segment or area of the entertainment industry in relation to a specific product or type of presentation. Or, and […]

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Honoring the Creative Soul

As a fellow creative soul I stand up, salute, and applaud you for your courage. I know all too well how much moxie, discipline, and originality it takes to establish and work as a creative professional in this industry. I don’t think the world at large, in all its diversity, fully understands what a courageous […]

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What is the Audience Expecting?

This is kind of an open-ended question, isn’t it? Seriously though, when we watch a television program, go to the movies, attend a live production, nightclub performance or concert, play a game, or just relax and listen to music, what are we expecting? Of course the obvious answer lies in its entertainment value. That’s why […]

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The Movie Sequel

Actually I should re-title this blog, The Movie Sequel or Why Most of Them Don’t Work. There are a lot of elements that normally contribute to making the first film a success, but it’s highly unlikely history will repeat itself in its sequel. I’m not talking about a franchise, like Star Wars or Pirates of […]

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Product Placement 101

For some of you this subject is a no-brainer and it’s pretty self-explanatory, right? Well, not so fast. During last year’s Winter session at Duke University I was conducting a series of classes on what else, the entertainment industry. I don’t recall just how the subject came up, but in one class many of the […]

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