Ron-new-photo-webSince childhood I discovered that I had a natural ability for art and it was the career path I chose. Beginning as a film graphic artist in New York, I eventually made my way to Los Angeles where I eventually became Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services at one of the most prestigious independent entertainment companies in the city, Spelling Entertainment Group. Along the way I have struggled with demons so common to all of us – obesity, bulimia, depression, financial difficulties and some life-altering lessons. Through it all I’ve managed to persevere because of that inner voice that inspires us to move forward, to grow, to learn, and be open to life’s mysterious and unexpected blessings.

Our endowment, our God-given gifts and talents, can only be successful in direct proportion to how much we want to share and give them back to the world. When we know or feel that special connection we can step into our passion, embrace our possibilities and achieve our goals. This has been true in my life and career.

It is the reason why I decided to launch www.aspectsofentertainment.com . In creating this website, the videos and weekly blogs, I hope to pass on the knowledge and insights I have gained from my life, experiences and practices as a creative executive. As in any life, I have hit many high points as well as overcoming the stress, frustrations and difficulties that commonly arise. Along the way I’ve the encountered the customary obstacles, but having realized my dreams and ambitions, I have been able to move beyond these barriers and create a successful career, far exceeding my own expectations. It is one that has been filled with integrity, a dedication to excellence and a sense of creative fulfillment.

All of us, no matter what we ultimately decide to do are impelled by nature to develop, to change and to grow. As creative individuals we come to recognize our innate possibilities, talents and the desire to be all that we are capable of becoming.  No matter where you are in your life or career, there can be no greater achievement.

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If you are new to my site all my blogs are a commentary, in one form or another, on the entertainment industry. Some have to do with the current state of the industry while others are an exploration of the creative process no matter which direction anyone chooses to pursue.

In researching my videos and blogs I pass along any information that I think is useful and will include those resources on my Product and Resources Page.

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